So here’s the deal! The other day I bought a ridiculous number of Copic markers at an art supply store that was going out of business. Because I bought so many markers, they threw in a bunch of the refillable Multiliner pens as well. Thing is, I already own a whole set, so I’m giving away the duplicates!
I’m giving away five brand new of Copic’s super awesome Multiliner pens! They’re refillable and, even better, they have replaceable nibs! These things will literally last forever. In this set, you’ll get the 0.03mm, 0.1mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, and brush pens! I am ALSO throwing in three random Copic Sketch markers that I happen to have duplicates of: BV13- Hydrangea, RV 25- Dog Rose Flower, and R22- Light Prawn.
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The giveaway ends on 09/29/12 at 11:59 EST and the winner will be chosen via random number generator. Good luck!

Sherlock charm giveaway!
what: 4 bbc sherlock themed charms
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giveaway ends Sunday April 29th, 8pm GMT
will ship globally
you do not need to follow kriegspeil or hallor
EDIT!To make things a bit more interesting, I’m now adding a matching mug to the set! There might be some restrictions to the availability, since the mug will be shipped through Cafepress and will depend on the countries they currently ship to (it’s more or less worldwide, anyway). Shipping and everything is paid for by me.

Good luck :)
(if you don’t trust your luck, the charms are also available in my online shop, and the mug is available here)

Time for the next round of Fandom Tea Blends Giveaways! I feel like I’m jumping around a bit now, but I just don’t know what the popularity rankings are going to be each week anymore, lol! BUT I just brewed a big batch of this as iced tea and loved it so much I knew I wanted to make The Mind and The Heart the next giveaway! Read below for more reviews/information on the tea, and how to win your own bag of it, as well as an ingenuiTEA tea pot!

THE MIND AND THE HEART BLEND: ‘Spicy and Jammy’ with a ‘buzzy mouthfeel’. Stir a spoonful of honey into this this subtly fruity tea for a surprisingly sweet pairing. (irish breakfast, berry blues, rooibos vanilla chai)
MY REVIEW OF IT: “THE FRUITIEST OF SMELLS IN THE BAG. Ahaha so fruity and jammy and now I’m scared. Shhh. Okay. Wow. This actually REALLY nice once steeped and not as aggressively fruity as I was expecting. It is a bit tart, but there’s still notes of vanilla and spice. A swirl of honey makes it very nice and floral. It’s a very mild tea, and I don’t know if it quite fits John and Sherlock but it IS very tasty.”
“This is the perfect blend between Sherlock and Watson. You have the strong dark flavor from the Irish Breakfast but then a more calming flavor from the chai. It is just the best every day tea, and I can’t get enough of it!” -Ilana B.
“A very warm, fireside type of tea. The smell in the bag was a bit overwhelmingly vanilla, but when it was brewed it mellowed out considerably. The spice of the vanilla chai and Irish breakfast definitely came out strongest, but I could just taste the sweet of the berries.”-Jennifer R.
” The smell of this blend is incredible. I made this up for myself when I was in a particularly good mood and it just made the day even brighter. The berry flavour is full and settles in your mouth heavily, but the earl smooths it out and gives it a nice taste that makes you sigh. It’s very nice with just a dash of sugar and cream, and it’s equally wonderful iced.”-Templeton B.
“Opening the bag smells like what I imagine it would to step into 221B Baker Street. There’s a great aroma of berries and sweetness, but with an underlying spice and just a touch of who KNOWS what. Tastes amazing after steeping for about a minute and a half, with neither the dark spices nor bright berry flavor outweighing the other. Equally as delicious with milk in it, and letting it cool produces yet another amazing flavor. My favorite way to have it is with just a little bit of fruity honey. Definitely one I’ll be buying again, once I’m out. :)
“This blend really encompasses the relationship that is Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. The irish breakfast is deep and reminds you of home, while the chai adds a bit of spice and the berry, a bit of sweet into the entire relationship. It’s wonderfully perfect, warmed or iced, and it’s something I’m going to enjoy with summer coming up.“-Lana R.


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Due to customs, people in Australia and New Zealand are not eligible just because we can’t ship tea there Q_Q I’m sorry! Laws!
Just to clarify: The prize this week is The MIND AND THE HEART Blend as well as an IngenuiTEA Tea Pot.

I’ve reached 1090 followers (that’s quite nice number), there is spring here and I’m in very good mood so another - GIVE AWAY! :)
I’ll choose one winner (you’ll receive a pillow, and a few badges from my ETSYshop)
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I’ll send worldwide
The winners will be picked randomly, using a random number generator on april 22th 2012.
good luck :D

So, it’s no secret that I like making tea blends. Fandom tea blends. And guys, they’re pretty delicious and all available for anyone to try at adagio. It’s also no secret that I have…an abundance of tea, and I am more than eager to share it with as many people as I possibly can!
So, in honor of the release of the (really incredibly awesome) Hunger Games movie this weekend, I’m going to hook one person up with the ENTIRE collection of Hunger Games inspired tea blends. That’s 8 different bags of tea, with about 50 servings in each package. That…is a lot of tea. And I want one of you to have all of them so you can try them and tell everyone else how awesome they are (or hey, how terrible, I won’t fault you if you don’t like one or two of them. Haymitch is an acquired taste.)
Unfortunately, I can only give the collection away to one person. Here’s how it will work:
Reblog just to let me know you’re interested in getting the tea. But don’t go crazy. No one likes their dash spammed with these things, so I’m asking that you only reblog once a day.
You don’t have to be following me for me to pick you, so don’t worry about that. (You might want to check out What People Brew though, if fandom things and tea things are your bag.)
In the spirit of fairness, I will use a random number generator to pick a name at random in exactly two weeks. That’s APRIL 7TH. And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to contact the chosen person via ask, as well as make a public post about it :D
Let me know if you have ANY questions! And may the odds be ever in your flavor!

Time for Week Two of Fandom Tea Blends Giveaways! This week’s tea blend is one of the most popular and perfect for desert tea lovers! Read below for more reviews/information on the tea, and how to win your own bag of it, as well as an ingenuiTEA tea pot!

THE MYCROFT BLEND: No brother, I have not been eating more cake. I’ve been drinking it. (chocolate chip, rooibos vanilla chai, cream)
MY REVIEW OF IT: “The smell of this tea in the bag reminds me strongly of Pfeffernusse, those German Pepper cookies you get at Christmas. Mostly spice, but coated with chocolate on the bottom. Sweet, wonderful nostalgia. I could cry. And oh my god it even tastes like that brewed up. I’m sort of amazed right now. I was trying to blend a tea that would be reminiscent of a piece of chocolate cake but I’m so happy with what I got. The tea is a little bit bitter on it’s own, but again, it reminds me of spice cookies. The chocolate taste is really nice and mellow, but the spices aren’t too strong either. It all just works really well together. I actually like it just fine on it’s own, but adding a little cream and sugar makes this tea feel decadent. Definitely a Mycroft tea.”
“A very smooth and sweet taste which makes it a good tea to have in the evening with dessert. Smells amazing and goes well with a little milk and sugar.”-Holly C.
“This tea really does taste like I’m drinking a cake, whether or not sweetener is added. It’s a wonderful chai blend.”-Yulia S.
” This is…MOTHER OF GOD. Once you go Mycroft, you cannot go back apparently. I literally drink four cups a night while working on my thesis. Just….fabulous. It’s perfectly toasty and lightly sweet and best done with just a splash of cream.”-Beth P.
“This blend smells, tastes and feels decadent and amazing. The mix of chocolate and vanilla chai makes it a lovely dessert tea. A perfect representation of Mycroft Holmes as a character.”-Arizona D.
“This blend smells amazing. I seriously wanted to stick my whole face in the bag. It has a light vanilla/chai flavor that goes very well with a bit of cream.“-Nikki N.


You may reblog this post ONCE a day for the next week. I’ll go through the notes and use a random number generator to chose a winner the evening of MARCH 24th
You have to reblog! Likes wont count!
Due to customs, people in Australia and New Zealand are not eligible just because we can’t ship tea there Q_Q I’m sorry!
Just to clarify: The prize this week is The Mycroft Blend as well as an IngenuiTEA Tea Pot.